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I am a ceramicist, maker and designer living and practicing in Cornwall. I create wheel-thrown vessel forms using black and white stoneware clay. These are then finished with crater and crawl glazes to give texture and tactility to each piece. This results in large-scale statement pieces, impactful both in appearance and in concept, alongside smaller more intimate works.

My artistic practice is driven by my love of process, method and technique, and I am constantly seeking ways of portraying this in my work, aiming to engage the viewer through questioning of materials, and pursuits of perfection.

My background is in the wedding industry, I worked as a wedding cake designer for 12 years, owning and running an award-winning cake company.  During this time, I developed an eye for design and detail but had an inner longing to create work that had permanence.  To fulfil this, I returned to education and graduated with a First Class BA (Hons) degree in 3D Design Craft.  This was a challenge after so many years out of education, but it allowed me to grow as an artist, cultivate a fresh desire to create work that has meaning and has given me new insights into how I can express my creativity.

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